How and where to apply for Overseas Jobs , Are Gulf Countries have Good Salary Package ?

The most important question for every job aspirants in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines is that


We all know about Middle East Countries that their base is OIL & GAS. All infrastructure builded so high because of high source for Oil. Dubai has now developed with new hopes & sure it has reached to level where it become the hub for africa , russia & Europe. Qatar has rich source of Gas, Saudi is a huge nation with Oil and gas resources. So middle east countries have lot of career opportunities. 

Good Infrastructure, Living Standards attracts not only asians but europeans as well. Salaries Comparatively not high as European Countries but not bad as well. Also the jobs are on contractual periods of 1-2 years with Free Accommodation, Transportation, Medical Facilities & Tax Free Salaries.

Fridays are weekly off & living standards are good. 

To apply for overseas jobs , especially in countries like Dubai, Qatar , Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait. See the Job sites ( Featuring GULF JOBS ) , See local newspaper ( Featuring Overseas Jobs only ), Contact the Ministry of Foreign Employment to get details of the Recruitment Agencies ( for Overseas Employment ).

Last but not the least , Browse internet & find our local recruitment agencies in that specific country you are willing to relocate. For example , if you are looking for Dubai Employment. Google it : as RECRUITMENT AGENCIES IN DUBAI 

Also while searching go to that country google page , like for Dubai (